Benchmarking: strategy for online entrepreneurs.

The enormous spread of the use of mobile devices of all kinds, such as smartfhones and tablets, has considerably increased sales on the network. More and more users prefer to make their purchases in online stores, saving on travel and benefiting from cheaper prices. As a result, online shops have increased their market share considerably. For this reason, starting an Internet business is currently one of the most likely options for success.

However, to create a professional and quality website it is not enough to go to a specialized company and delegate the whole task. If we want our site to succeed on the web, we have a powerful weapon, the strategy called benchmarketing. Benchmarketing consists of carrying out a deep analysis of those competing websites that work best on the net and that offer the same services whose business we want to undertake. Through this detailed study we will learn the tactics and skills that are most effective in driving the success of our business.

For example, if our online store offers a service to compare products for the home, the technique of benchmarking will consist of the study of a consolidated website in this area, such as To perform a benchmarking technique we have to analyze several aspects:1.The study of the design and architecture of the competitor's website, the structure of its various sections and the types of products it offers.2.The content. This is a decisive factor that informs us how the information reaches the user and guides us on the style and language to adopt, as well as on the contents that are more effective and attractive to gain visibility on the network and achieve a good positioning in search engines.3 . This is a relevant section. Every virtual store must be intuitive and easy to handle for the user, so that it offers clear and precise information that the buyer wants to have.

It is advisable to include a section on after-sales service, as well as providing a customer service phone number to resolve any doubts or possible incidents for the user. This point is decisive for generating confidence and boosting sales.4 . Analyze the additional functions offered by the competition's website: online chat services, neuswletter, internal search engine, and any other that we can adapt to our own business.

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