Design and construction of industrial machinery

In Mongrat we are specialized in the metal industry and our experience leads us to provide our customers a whole range of services related to the assembly of specific equipment and facilities, industrial maintenance and repair of machinery. Not only do we have many years of experience working in the sector, but we also have a wide variety of machinery in our workshop, we have the most advanced technologies of union and technical specialists. Within our most recent projects, we have designed and built special machinery for the walnut packing industry, including the following: - Design and construction of machinery capable of cushioning the fall of walnuts when they are unloaded onto a conveyor belt. Our team of technicians has calculated all the necessary parameters to improve the walnut unloading process, notably reducing the impact of the fall, improving impact damage and contributing to improving the quality of the final product.

- Design of a helicoidal nut dosing machineOur team has designed a hopper with a helicoidal dosing system that reduces the impact of the nuts when they need to be transported. With this equipment, the damage suffered by the nuts due to shock is reduced, thus the quality of the final product is much higher. Design of a nut bins tipping machineWe have designed a machine optimized for nut bins tipping, with a controlled movement to avoid the deterioration of the nuts. The machine includes all the control elements.

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