Live video streaming as part of branding campaigns

Streaming video is becoming an indispensable tool in enabling brands to interact and build relationships with their potential customers. In this sense, social networks are the ones that carry the most weight and, within them, Facebook, through its Facebook Live platform, seems to have taken the lead over the rest of the competitors in terms of live video transmission. How can Facebook Live and other streaming video platforms be used to boost an online business? Obviously, streaming favors proximity between companies and customers, so that the former can communicate their proposals much better and provide authenticity to their messages. In turn, potential consumers of your products can learn more about the values that define the brand in order to identify with it.

In short, the objective they are pursuing could be defined as distinguishing themselves with streaming video. The ideal is to take advantage of the opportunity provided by Facebook Live to demonstrate the products marketed by the brand, something for which the platform has proved incredibly effective. But it can also be used to answer the most common questions from the public about them. Other significant uses would be to allow the transmission of live events or the publication of exclusive news.

Factors to consider when transmitting live video on Facebook LiveIf video streaming is used as part of a strategy to position the brand in social networks, it is necessary to take into account a number of factors so that the publications are effective and do not end up having a negative effect. In this sense, it is vitally important to warn followers in advance that the broadcast is going to take place at a certain time in order to generate expectations, as well as to ensure a good online connection. It is also important to facilitate the interaction of people who are following the video and ask them to subscribe to it. It is also important to facilitate the interaction of the people who are following the video and ask them to subscribe to it.

For your part, you should also try to be creative and not fall into redundancy, and prepare broadcasts that last at least 10 minutes. Less time can leave the feeling that there are things left to be said.

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