Shine with your own name

Recognition value, corporate identity, distinguishability from competitors, these are just a few reasons why an own logo is essential for a successful company. It doesn't matter whether you run your own shop, call an online shop your own or act as a service provider for your customers. Would you like to learn more? Then please read on! First of all, let's play an association game with you. What do you think of when you read "successful manufacturer of a caffeinated fizzy drink" or "well-known Swedish furniture store"? Surely you immediately have the name of the corresponding company in mind, or rather, its typical trademark.

These and many other popular companies remain permanently in the memory of us visually-minded people not only because of their products, but also because of their logos. We encounter company emblems everywhere and at all times, on company buildings, on the product itself and, of course, in advertising, and as a result they become permanently etched in the viewer's mind. Wouldn't that also be something for your service company or your trading company? With their own logo, entrepreneurs can mark a certain product or a complete product portfolio as their special property. The so-called branding turns a simple sales item into something special that the customer can only purchase from this dedicated company.

If a customer is satisfied with a product from a company brand, then there is a high probability that he will purchase it again. But he will also be much more unconcerned about buying other products from the supplier, as he automatically associates the logo with quality and reliability. The logo attracts more attentionNo-name articles are often not (much) worse than branded articles. Nevertheless, many customers prefer to buy a brand that they know and appreciate from personal experience, but also through recommendations from friends and family.

A pack of muesli without a name or a pack of batteries without branding usually looks cheap and does not motivate the customer to make an impulse purchase. However, if the product's outer packaging has a catchy logo, the potential buyer's interest will be aroused more quickly. Of course, this is especially important if the service or product is also offered by other companies. In these cases, it is important to clearly stand out from the competition.

There are, of course, various ways to do this, including the design and pricing of a product. But here, too, your own branding can make a striking statement. If different products look similar and are available at similar prices, a new customer will prefer, for example, a chocolate bar, a drink or a hygiene product that stands out from similar offers with an attractive logo.Generating your own logo yourselfCreating your own logo is really child's play. On the Internet you can find free logo generators with which you can quickly develop your own company logo.

You don't need any design skills, as the online tools usually offer a wide range of symbols, colours and fonts. If you don't like the first draft, you can simply delete it and try again until you are really satisfied with your own trademark.

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