Shopping via billboard at the train station - China proves benefit of QR codes

The fact that you can also shop and pay with your smartphone nowadays is probably not new. The younger generation in particular is aware of these possibilities and is already using them to some extent. Compared to the possibilities that are currently opening up in China, for example, Europe is far behind in the development and use of new technologies.QR codes: An encryption that can be read by any deviceThe so-called QR codes have contributedsignificantly to the development of these technologies. Similar to the so-called bar codes, these are small fields that contain encrypted information and data.

The QR code has a square structure and is characterized by various smaller squares and patterns on the inside. In industry, QR codes are already widely used and everyone should have seen such a code at least once. They can now be found on a wide range of products and also on tickets, for example. One of the biggest advantages of the QR code is that as much information as possible can be stored in a very small area.

Even more advantageous, however, is the reading of the so-called QR codes. While a barcode, for example, can only be read with the help of a scanner designed for this purpose, QR codes can be read with any smartphone, tablet or laptop with an integrated camera. All that is required is a certain software that needs to be installed. With this, anyone with a smartphone can also read a QR code.Vietnam is showing the way: Shopping is possible via QR code quite incidentallyVietnam now impressively shows what progress is possible with these QR codes.

In our country, the codes are mainly used by companies. Consumers are so far mostly known as a means of payment or to use certain coupons. A practical offer, which is nevertheless not used by all parts of the population. The main users are the younger generation anyway, but not all of them are addicted to the new technology yet.

In a survey, at least one in four said they had already paid with their smartphone. The users mainly use providers with mobile payment functions such as Paypal, Google Pay or Payback Pay. Even if not everyone is enthusiastic about these functions, the number of users is still growing steadily.Vietnam has already taken a huge step forward in the use of QR codes: Here, the codes are not only used to process payment, but right away for the entire shopping process. With a virtual shop or even a billboard, it is very easy to make purchases here.

Since QR codes can be read by any smartphone, products are immediately linked with corresponding codes. In China, for example, posters of various shops hang at train stations and bus stops. These posters display different products and the corresponding QR code next to them. Via QR Code Generator, every entrepreneur can create sufficient codes for his products.

The posters mainly show classic everyday products such as food and cosmetics, which everyone needs and buys regularly. In this way, people in Vietnam can do their weekly shopping while waiting for the train or bus. It remains to be seen whether and when these new possibilities will also become established in Europe.

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