The importance of the sales funnel for online marketing

A customer is more likely to buy a product if he finds good reviews in social networksThe online marketing process is more elaborate than traditional onesThe sales funnel concept is used in marketing when talking about the process a product undergoes in its commercialization. With it, the opportunities to sell services or products are catalogued and evaluated depending on the success to know the real potential and which are more efficient. With the evolution of new technologies, and more specifically with social networks, the sales funnel takes more importance than ever, becoming an important tool within online marketing. A study by Neil Patel concludes that consumers have a tendency to buy a product if, previously, they have read good reviews about it on the social network Facebook.

In addition, for the customer, the intention to buy improves by 68% if they have seen good comments on Twitter. These probabilities are so high that they are taken into account in marketing strategies. Improving the image of a company or product in social networks is a more elaborate process than with traditional methods, but against the capacity of propagation in the medium and long term are excellent. The brand needs to be recognized by quality content to attract customers.

It is not as simple as sending a few messages and waiting for the response, it is also necessary a channel or web super optimized. To develop a funnel of quality sales, we must rely on sales techniques AIDA. This process has five parts, one more than the traditional one, which are the following: Awareness: this is the biggest part of the funnel, with it you plan how to attract a high number of followers to make them aware of the brand.Interest: when you have a high group of followers you have to launch content that is attractive to potential customers. Apart from the content, it is good to interact with the users so that they feel close to you and to insert product information from time to time.Desire or Offer: with the interest of the users it is time to publish promotions and special offers for the followers to help spread the product or the brand.Action or Conversion: it is the moment to show attractive products so that the potential client takes action and buys, making it easier for him to go to the page where the company offers its services.Advocacy or Sharing: satisfied customers will share content through social networks with opinions and recommendations, which will serve to expand the brand further.

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